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About the service

In each of us lies a desire to care for our loved ones, ensuring their comfort, happiness, and maintaining their health in the best possible way. WTDcare offers more than just home healthcare services. We present a success story to realize a transformation in the way healthcare is received and provided.

Bandages and wounds change

It is a specialized service that provides professional care and attention to patients in need of wound care. This service includes offering advanced and effective dressings to enhance the healing process and prevent potential infections. It involves providing customized dressings, effective wound changes, monitoring the wounds, and providing self-care instructions to the patient’s family.

Home care service without a doctor

The service includes a nurse coming to the home, conducting a heart monitoring (ECG), administering necessary injections, and measuring vital signs.

Home care service with a doctor

The service includes a doctor coming to the home, examining the patient, providing medical consultation and recommendations, as well as conducting a heart monitoring (ECG), administering necessary injections, and measuring vital signs.

COVID-19 testing

Our specialized medical teams work to provide in-home COVID-19 testing service (PCR) to protect your health and the health of your family, and to inform you of the test results.

Administering Vaccinations and Medical Immunizations

Our specialized medical teams work to provide in-home vaccination service to safeguard your health and the health of your family. We offer a secure medical experience with ease and convenience. Simply book your appointment, and our qualified team of professional nurses will come to your home. We provide only approved vaccines.

Medical consultation (online)

We offer you the opportunity to obtain medical consultation through communication channels, allowing you to easily connect with doctors and specialists from your home. This service helps provide a quick and effective solution for minor health issues and offers the necessary medical guidance.

Change/installation of enteral feeding tube

Our specialized team visits you at home to ensure the provision of appropriate care, efficiently replacing or installing the enteral feeding tube. Enteral nutrition involves nourishing the body through a tube that reaches the stomach or intestines to deliver the necessary nutrients. Some medications may also be administered through the feeding tube.

Giving medication with safety management

Get your medication with ease and convenience through our efficient home delivery service. Our professional team delivers the prescribed medication to the patient as per the doctor’s prescription. Enjoy the comfort of receiving medical care in the convenience of your home.

Laboratory tests: (Blood sample)

Within our comprehensive home care services, explore the Comprehensive Testing service, with our professional team visiting you for sample collection. You can benefit from comprehensive medical tests without the need to leave your home. We offer various tests to comprehensively examine your health, providing you with peace of mind and saving you time.

IV Fluids services

Enjoy the experience of intravenous therapy in the comfort of your home. Our dedicated service for intravenous therapy provides you with the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate conveniently and effectively. Our professional team comes to your home to deliver this service with precision and efficiency. Book today to enjoy the benefits of intravenous therapy with safety and comfort.


Benefit from the effectiveness of physical therapy in the comfort of your home. Our professional physical therapy team provides direct services in the home environment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of therapy without the need to travel to a medical center. Book today and experience improved health with comfort and ease.

Change/installation of urinary catheter

Enjoy the comfort and convenient care for your family in your home with our specialized service for changing or installing urinary catheters. Our professional team visits you at home to ensure the service is carried out efficiently, providing you with a comfortable, personalized, and safe healthcare experience. Save yourself the hassle of going to the hospital for changing or installing urinary catheters.

Wound Care of patients with bed sores

Ensure the comfort and health of your loved ones with our exceptional service for the care and prevention of bedsores. Bedsores are injuries or wounds that occur in areas of the skin exposed to pressure due to lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair. Our specialized team provides high-quality care by carefully monitoring wounds and offering the necessary treatment to prevent complications. We are here to support you and your family, book the service today to ensure optimal care and effective prevention.