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Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions:
– These Terms of the WTD platform set out the terms and conditions on which provided
non-emergency medical transportation services as a transporter on or
on our mobile application (together defined as the “Site”). The owner and operator of the
Site is the WTD platform (“we”, “our” or “us”).
– By using WTD platform you agree to comply on this terms and conditions, in case
you disapprove these terms and conditions you should not use the platform.
– Please read these terms carefully before you submit your order via the Site. By placing an
order on the Site, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the WTD platform.
Terms of use:
– Using the website services is only available to persons who are able to legally represent
themselves under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Persons who are unable to
legally represent themselves under the local contract system cannot website and
application services.
– If your age is less than 18 years you can use the website services under the supervision of
a parent or legal guardian, provided that he agrees to abide by the terms of the Terms of
Use and is in full compliance with the local laws applicable in that region.
– These terms and conditions are considered valid and null and void for the previous forms
of commercial representation, oral agreements or other understandings, unless additional
conditions for a specific service are specified in this regard.
– By using the Website and application services you will be obligated to follow the terms
and conditions.
– We largely care about your privacy and security and by providing WTD
platform, we are obliged to save all your personal data.
– We believe that your personal information is one of our most important resources. We
store the processing of your personal information through our servers and they are
protected by high security technology hardware and software.
– We also use a third party to verify and certify the privacy principles of our website
including the Services. If you object to our processing of your personal information
by transfer or use by any means, please contact us to speak with the person
responsible, or you can avoid using the website services.
– We do not trade your personal information by any means whatsoever from selling or
renting to any third party without your express consent in the first place.


– The process of recording information (your personal information) that you
provide to us to complete your transactions and also to contact you. You must
accept the principle of our use and update of your personal information in order to
deal with the registration process and to control the confidentiality of your
identity during the follow-up process for the arrival of the ambulance request and
payment electronically or cash.
– The information you provide during the registration process is protected data in
accordance with the terms of privacy protection described previously. Your
personal information forms part of your record of your interactions with our
services. In the event that you use our website, you will also be responsible for
maintaining the confidentiality and correctness of your information provided by
you, and you are thus responsible for all requests that are executed through you.
– The website and application will not be liable to any person for any loss or
damage that may arise due to the failure to record all information sufficient to
place an order.

– By agreeing to use the website and our application services, you agree to receive
our electronic messages in all its forms through e-mail, periodicals, notices and
alerts announced on the website.
– Accordingly, you tacitly agree that all electronic transactions sent to you by us are
legally binding and shall be treated as written transactions.
– We have the authority to monitor, record and save any phone call, e-mail or any
other form of electronic communication with you for training purposes in order to
verify advice and feedback directed to us and to improve and develop the quality
of service provided to our customers.

Services and Prices:
WTD Medical platform stands in the middle, between medical transport service providers and
those wishing to obtain non-emergency medical transport services to ensure high quality medical
transport services at a fair cost, and prices are reviewed periodically to ensure the interests of the
service provider and the beneficiary.
Payment methods:

– The website offers the ability to request services through the website (online) and
pay the required amount by cash and electronic payment methods in accordance
with the non-emergency medical transport service available in the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia.
– All transfer and payment operations, including licenses and financial entitlements,
must be in Saudi Riyals.

– We provide payment information made through the Site or application to non-
emergency medical transport providers. This information is processed by the
platform's finance department.
– You must ensure the information and adherence to accuracy when confirming the
order via the WTD platform, and you must comply with the payment and bear the
legal consequences in the event of a refusal to pay.
– Your personal information will not be used or shared by the electronic services
with any third party, with the exception of verifying the legality of the
information and not forging it or when requested by law or legal regulations or at
the request of the court.
– The Website Service (Online) shall not be liable in any way for non-compliance
with payment.
– You will be held responsible for the refusal of payment and will be fully
responsible for proof otherwise.
– In the event that we are unable to provide the order or part of it, we will inform
you directly in this regard.
– Your use of the online services of the WTD platform for non-emergency medical
transportation services constitutes an implicit acceptance of your commitment to
these terms.
– If you do not agree to any item of these conditions, be sure that you do not use
this service.
Cancelling order:
Cancellation of the application by WTD platform reserves the right to cancel the application for
any of the following reasons:

– Failure to confirm the payment process via the WTD platform.
– If the transportation addresses given by the customer are wrong or the contact
information is wrong or unable to reach the customer.
– Cancellation of the order by the customer: To proceed with the order
cancellation process, you must contact us first.
– If the requested service is not delivered to you as the order was registered
(cancellation fee at the time the confirmation of your order was registered with
the time you sent the cancellation request).
– We can provide the requested service within a reasonable average period of time.

-If the customer cancels the order when the ambulance arrives at the pickup point, it will charge the customer 20% of the transport cost.
(45 minutes) since the confirmation of the order.

-If a customer cancels an order Before the ambulance departs, the WTD platform will refund the fee.

-The refund is within 3-5 days of the payment day.

Amendment to the list of terms and conditions:
WTD platform has the absolute right at any time to amend the terms and conditions of the
website without prior notice or warning. You may access the most current version of the Terms
and Conditions at any time on the Website. If you do not accept the modifications to the terms

and conditions, you must stop using this service. If you continue to use this service, you
implicitly agree to be bound by the revised terms and conditions of using this website.