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Medical Escort Service

The medical companion on the WTD platform is a licensed and qualified healthcare practitioner to provide health services. They are Saudi nationals, and our medical companions all share a common trait, which is passion and dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare to WTD platform’s clients. They facilitate communication between healthcare specialists and patients.

Choose between transportation in modern vehicles or meeting your medical companion at the hospital. They assist elderly, special needs, and chronically ill patients, ensuring safe travel, accompanying clinic visits, and offering support. They also prepare service reports for beneficiaries and their families after the companionship ends.

Medical examinations

Same-day surgeries

Hospital discharge

Medical appointments

Medical ambulance transportation services

We provide meticulous medical transportation services for stable and non-urgent cases in over 15 cities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our state-of-the-art ambulance resources, along with qualified and specialized medical teams, ensure comfortable and secure transportation. We offer healthcare during medical transfer, whether it’s within the city or between cities.

You can easily request our services through the WTD Medical platform app, with transparent pricing before placing the order.

Home-to-home medical transport

Scheduled medical transport

Airport medical transport

Emergency medical coverage services

With a fleet of 50+ ambulances, the WTD platform offers emergency coverage for entertainment, sports, and construction events across Saudi cities. We provide ambulance rentals daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Inquiries and quotes are available via WTD Medical’s unified number.

Entertainment and sports event coverage

Construction sites and factories coverage

Ambulance vehicle supply and rental

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