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Rare diseases

Rare diseases Introduction: The disease is rare if it affects one in 2,000 people in the population, so many of these diseases Rare genetic diseases appear from birth, and despite this, some genetic diseases do not appear Only late. Together, these diseases constitute a heavy burden and affect societies greatly clear; Therefore, rare diseases are […]


Drowning What should be done when seeing a drowned person? • Asking for help from those present in the place. • Ensure that the environment is safe for the rescuer. • The drowning person should be pulled out of the water immediately if he is near, and if he is far away, he should not […]


Suturing General tips: do (√): Keep the wound as clean and dry as possible for the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery suture placement. Leave the bandages on the wound for the first 24 hours. – Follow the instructions for washing, drying and changing the bandage provided by the medical care provider. Check the […]

Child health and safety at home

Child health and safety at home Child safety at home: Most common accidents: – Tampering with chemicals (medicines, detergents, etc.). Games-related problems. – the fall. – burns. Home injuries and accidents can happen at any time, some of the causes are obvious and others are not The other may not be noticed, and there are […]


Epilepsy It is not possible to predict when epilepsy will last, or how long it may last, or what will happen during it Minor symptoms where they lead to loss of consciousness or fall to the ground. Epilepsy triggers: Triggers vary from person to person, but common triggers include: Stress and exhaustion. Not sleeping. – […]


Sciatica Disease definition: Sciatica is a term given to any type of pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve or pressure on it. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It is located at the beginning of the back From the pelvis, through the buttocks, and along the legs, to the […]


Indigestion Overview: Every one of us must have suffered from indigestion many times, but for most it is not People are only a minor nuisance. It occurs most often as a result of overeating Or eating something that does not suit you for the body that lasts for a relatively short period of time only. […]

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis Abstract: Multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and affects the brain and spinal cord, and causes damage to the membrane surrounding nerve cells called myelin; Than It leads to hardening of the cells and thus slowing down or stopping the movement of nerve impulses traveling between […]

Eye allergy

Eye allergy Overview: Awareness messages about eye diseases With the advent of the spring and summer seasons, some suffer from redness The eye with constant itching, along with a lack of ability to see clearly. Her symptoms: An itchy sensation Redness and swelling of the conjunctiva • Increased mucous secretions • Sensation of dryness in […]

Bone fractures

Bone fractures An introduction: Bone fractures are a common condition, the bone may be completely broken or partially broken in any number of ways Roads (crosswise, longitudinally, in multiple parts. The most common causes of fractures are: – Traumatic accidents: such as sports injuries, car accidents, and falls. – Osteoporosis: This disorder weakens bones and […]